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If you're like us, you probably get emails and calls everyday from SEO Companies trying to sell you the holy grail - Ranking in first position on page 1 of Google. But you know so well that these overseas companies often don't deliver what they promise. So what should you be looking out for when choosing your Gold Coast SEO company?


Don't make these errors:

Error #1: Using Google to pick your SEO Company

You might think the best way to find an SEO company on the Gold Coast is to google SEO Gold Coast and the top ranking person is the company to go with. That type of logic makes sense except for one thing.


Almost all of the best Gold Coast SEO companies, those in high demand, those that always do amazing work and get superb referrals, actually don't have to rank here at all. They are constantly swamped by customers because their customers refer to people and many people in their network refer people to them. They have a great retention of customers. Many people are very happy. As a consequence, you now have some dregs left here. Many of the companies that rank highly for the best SEO Gold Coast or SEO Queensland or another keyword are not the best. In fact, they are the people who are simply without any customer work so they're concentrating all their energy on trying to get new clients.

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Error #2: Trusting "Best SEO" Lists

There are number of businesses out there who get their site to rank for keywords like, "List Of Best SEO Companies" or "Top SEO Companies" and then they sell those listings to the top bidder. This happens all the time. We often get calls from companies like this, charging anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 to be placed on the listing websites. 

This is a really bad idea for you as a customer. You would never eat at a restaurant that paid for their reviews online, so don't do that with your Gold Coast SEO Company.

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Error #3: Trusting in their "secret recipe"

Don't believe the sales pitch from low quality Search Engine optimisation sales people that they have a secret formula to get rankings.




If you ask, "what will you do" and they simply say, "I'm sorry I can't tell you, it's a secret or private information " it's a very, very bad sign.


No one has a secret way of doing Gold Coast SEO. SEO is a field which is very, very open. The principles behind how it works are very well understood. Back in the day,  there were a lot of secrets being kept for how SEO works, but that's not the way it is today and you should never accept it as a response.

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Are You A Local Gold Coast Business?

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